“We’ve been together since high school. For years, we were so paranoid about getting pregnant! We were always careful; but now that we’re ready and want a baby, it turns out we’re ‘infertile’. Isn’t that ironic? We’re doing everything right, but it’s just not happening. It’s not fair.”

Clomid, IUI, IVF and other forms of ART are a godsend to thousands of parents; however, they shouldn’t always be the first resort. Clinically defined, couples are deemed to have fertility issues when not getting pregnant despite having carefully timed, unprotected sex for one year. Often times, when young, healthy couples come to my office with a diagnosis of “unexplained infertility”, it is a matter of hormone regulation. Accurately tracking the five stages of the menstrual cycle, as well as improving sperm, follicle, uterine lining and egg quality are key points to boosting fertility. In these cases, within months of treatment, egg and sperm meet under the perfect conditions, and it is baby love at first sight!

As a specialist, my best advice to you is to persevere. I’ve said it once and I will say it again, when mind and body unite, the possibilities are endless. Do not let a diagnosis, a miscarriage or negative pregnancy test take over your life. I ask you to keep a clear head and focus on YOU. However, be informed and make wise, carefully thought out decisions. Many times, I see women who are taken advantage of because of their desire to conceive. While chasing the dream of their very own babies, they are often pulled into astronomical IVF bills (conveniently not covered by most plans), harmful shots and medication with horrifying side effects, as well as psychological and emotional suffering. Women endure all of this for a 40% chance of success. I don’t blame them; Rather, I want to educate and allow them to take their fertility into their own hands to improve the way their body functions in a natural and drug free way.

Think about it. In order to increase your chances of getting pregnant, we need to create an inviting environment for the embryo to implant and develop. Different factors such as stressful jobs, history of birth control pills, weight fluctuations, and nutritional deficiencies can affect the natural harmony and balance of our reproductive systems. In this blog, I will go over what makes up a healthy menstrual cycle; diet suggestions; lifestyle tips to enhance fertility; and exactly how acupuncture has a powerful effect on the reproductive system, alone or in conjunction with Western medicine. Rest easy and know that you are not alone. Give your body a chance; you will be amazed by the unbelievable feats it can achieve.

Love and serenity,

Dr. Zakes


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